Car rental is deemed as the initial idea for start of the project and this sector has grown by the help of Allah and efforts of all personnel working in it and that employees of this sector with all departments have sufficient experience rendering them to manage the fleets.

Aspirations regarding needs of local market are considered as the basic objective that enables us to give the customer all rental solutions that support him in his work, and as such we have achieved our objective represented by the fact that we work with any entity as partners. in addition to this, we have not ignored significance of individuals rental as it is considered as a basic support to us as we provide them with many benefits and offers through our service branches.


This product is commensurate with the companies and is provided by “Miles International” based on long-term rental plans that serve requirements of your business and through which we provide facilitated rental programs of which some ends in ownership of the car.

Advantages of long-term rental programs:

  1. Flexibility in finalization rental procedures and quick hand over.
  2. Unconditional first payment.
  3. Securing alternative cars (according to customer option).
  4. Periodic car maintenance.
  5. Provision of maintenance service at site for simple and preventive repairs.
  6. Emergency service clock-round and at all times.


The need of local market for the service of renting a car with a driver made us believe in significance of building an integrated sector serving individuals, companies and hotels through a trained team to perform such service. This sector commenced its business since 2000, through an integrated team providing service at all times and this service was entrusted to highly trained drivers who master English language and well aware of all places in Riyadh city and that all cars are covered with comprehensive insurance.


We provide here a rental product that enables companies to secure transport of their employees through different methods of which the following are most important:

  1. Public transport for employees by different sizes buses.
  2. Individual transport through cars of different sizes and this is applicable in receptions and daily movements.
  3. Organizing tours outside Riyadh city to any of the kingdom cities and gee states.
  4. Arranging receptions from and to airport.
  5. Providing customer with a suitable plan and complete visualization following knowledge of his needs.